AI-powered loyalty solution launches for hotels

Worldwide: Laasie, a loyalty platform, has launched its solution for the hospitality industry Laasie Retain to provide customers with personalised relevant rewards to increase brand affinity and net revenue.

Laasie uses data, artificial intelligence and instant gratification to power consumer engagement. Laasie Retain specialises in advanced personalisation by providing offers based on location and history, with rewards and content relevant to each individual.

The new solution looks at the entire guest journey – whether booking on the hotel’s website, engaging  on property, or travelling home. It also supports white labelling for all customer-facing interfaces to match a brand’s marketing guidelines.

Laasie Retain includes key features such as:

Loyalty engine – a flexible and customisable loyalty scoring mechanism based on a customer’s recency/frequency/monetary value 

AI-driven rewards – Laasie utilises a network of 1,000+ rewards

Personalised email marketing – relying on artificial intelligence, email campaigns can be highly targeted with personalised rewards for each individual

Loyalty portal – a customer dashboard for redeeming rewards and managing loyalty profile and preferences

Analytics and insights – tools to measure the effectiveness of the loyalty program and access actionable insights

Jen Wong, CEO of Laasie, said: “Today’s customers are uninspired by yesterday’s rigid loyalty programs that result in unused points and limited brand affinity. Laasie Retain removes the friction of traditional loyalty. Every transaction can be instantly rewarded and has relevance to that specific customer. We’ve seen adoption rates as high as 85 per cent. This product continues our strategy to lead the next generation of loyalty for hotels and resorts.”

Claudia Infante, vice president of revenue strategy at Margaritaville Hotels & Resorts, commented: “Margaritaville is more than a brand, it’s a lifestyle. Our goal when creating a recognition and retention program that would enhance our guests’ stay and elevate our brand experience, was met with a robust and flexible solution in Laasie Retain that provided a modern approach to loyalty and an out-of-the-box, innovative platform that will prompt scalable growth and even more loyalty from our guests.”

Further information about Laasie and Laasie Retain can be found here.

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