Avion introduces sterilisation products for hotels

UK: Avion Group has launched a suite of products to help hotels and restaurants safely and hygienically resume business operations.

The products include:

  • UVC Portable Light Wand Steriliser: Specifically designed and introduced to the market to fight against COVID-19. The hand wand is effective to 99.9 per cent sterilisation rate.
  • Portable Non-Contact IR Hand Sanitiser: A touchless sanitiser spray for guests and visitors.
  • Handsfree Non-Contact IR Wall Mounted Thermometer: The automatic, infrared thermometer allows workers and visitors to measure their temperature quickly and accurately. The device sounds an alarm if a fever level temperature is detected. It is intended as a temperature screening tool to identify individuals with a fever level temperature before they enter your building.
  • VTech T5 with Sony Camera – Face Recognition & Temperature Detection CE Certified: A motion-sensing camera detects the movement of a person, triggers the thermometer to take the temperature in about two seconds, and displays the reading on the screen. If the reading is below the preset threshold of 37.5 deg C, the temperature will be displayed and a green indicator is shown. If the reading is above the preset threshold of 3 7.5 deg C, indicating that the person might have a fever, the device will sound an alert and display the temperature in red.

In a company statement, Avion Group said: “Our way of life since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak has drastically changed. The very nature of hotels where people come together, in common with the wider hospitality sector have been immensely impacted by this global pandemic. Government guidelines along with health and safety regulations are changing considerably to reflect our new world with the ever-looming threat of a viral outbreak. Now more than ever, business owners and hotel management must adopt preventative strategies with a greater emphasis on hygiene and health and safety.”

Avion is offering an introductory special discount of up to 30 per cent on most items until 21 June 2020.

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