Avvio introduces e-commerce feature for hoteliers affected by coronavirus

Worldwide: Tech and hospitality solutions provider Avvio has unveiled an e-commerce functionality aimed at supporting hoteliers to recoup potential losses from booking cancellations.

The feature incentivises guests that are wanting to cancel a booking to purchase a voucher, offered at a discounted rate, for a return visit in the future.

This guest retention voucher has been developed to keep essential revenue within hotel businesses, as well to entice visitors back.

Avvio will also be making the function available for hoteliers that do not currently use its services. It can be set up via an existing Paypal account or through Avvio’s booking engine.

Frank Reeves, Avvio’s CEO and founder, said: “It has always been our ethos here at Avvio to be an agile software company that reacts quickly and efficiently to the needs of our customers and the wider industry.”

“Understandably guest’s travel plans have been and will continue to be disrupted over the coming weeks. We are focused on innovative ways to lean-in to this challenge, supporting hotels around the world looking for new initiatives to keep business coming in during this downturn.”

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