Avvio reveals insights into consumer booking behaviours

UK: Avvio, who launched Allora in 2017, has announced the pilot of a reporting system that gives hoteliers insight of guest behaviour.

Labelled the ‘Allora GM Report’, Avvio will analyse consumer booking and buying behaviours to be sent as a monthly report to general managers.

These insights will be used to refine marketing activity by helping to optimise bookings and drive occupancy. It will also allow for additional features or services to be sold as per its relevance and applicability to each guest stay.

The report provides details of:

  • The number of bookings verses the number of potential bookings for the month.
  • A guests’ preferred booking platform and device.
  • Information on the tags and search terms used by guests.
  • Guest conversations.
  • Actual booked revenue.
  • Cancellations.
  • Pipeline revenue broken down by geographic region.

Frank Reeves, CEO at Avvio, commented: “Hotel general managers need real data about their own guests as it’s only with accurate information that they can make strategic decisions relating to how they target and market the business”.

“To date, we have seen too many assumptions being made in this market. A hotel by hotel approach is the only effective way to drive more direct business and, crucially, optimise the guest experience. This not only provides stronger advocacy post-stay but also increases guest satisfaction and the likelihood of return visits”.

Allora was launched two years ago, and therefore Avvio has been able to collect data from 56 million unique guests. Allora applies Machine Learning to large volumes of data and analyses patterns to understand what it takes to convert consumers to active guests.

Learn more about Allora here.

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