Bounce luggage storage partners with Selina

Bounce luggage storage partners with Selina

Worldwide: Luggage storage platform Bounce has partnered with Selina, eight months after Bounce raised $12 million in Series A funding.

The partnership will see Bounce expand its luggage storage network into new cities such as Granada, Nicaragua and Foz De Iguazu in Brazil, as well as London, Chicago and Athens. It will enable travellers to explore without the need of carrying their luggage.

It comes as Bounce secured a $12 million Series A round led by Andrew Chen at Andreessen Horowitz in April this year. The company’s core product has more than 7,000 locations in 40 countries and its second vertical, Package Acceptance, is now offered at 2,000 locations with a focus son local subscription customers in cities like New York.

Cody Candee, founder and CEO of Bounce, said: “As a company that provides travellers with easy and convenient ways to live life without planning around their belongings, Bounce is really excited to partner with Selina. Selina is a pioneer in the millennial and Gen Z travel space, and, as a company that values customer safety and security as well as the freedom to connect with fellow travellers during guest stays, we’re excited to work together to make flexible and convenient travel available for everyone.”

Cory Rosenberg, senior country commercial director at Selina, added: “As a leader in millennial nomadic lifestyle travel, Selina understands the importance of turn-key solutions for our community. With this in mind we are thrilled to have partnered with Bounce, one of the preeminent short-term luggage storage company of its kind. 

“Bounce has created a hassle-free option for guests to store their belongings for hours, days or weeks; all within the convenience of their app. Combined with the safety and security of our Selina properties, it allows for our customers to enjoy the surroundings of our urban destinations for longer and return to their belongings when convenient for them. Selina looks forward to growing with Bounce as innovative leaders in the travel sector.”

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