CitizenM launches new contactless experience

The Netherlands: Global budget luxury hotel brand Citizen M has announced the launch of its full contactless experience.

The company has upgraded its pre-existing technological features, and instituted new limited cleaning facilities.

Now, a guest can check in through an app, rather than the kiosk-based experience centred beforehand. Passports scanning, concierge features, in room controls and check out can all be done entirely through a traveller’s mobile.

CitizenM has also launched a new cleaning experience, allowing guests to opt in or out of various level of cleaning, and introducing 100 per cent fresh air ventilation, rather than recirculation. Hotels have strategically placed disinfectant stations for guests and staff alike, with electrostatic sprayers handling luggage, public areas and guestrooms after check out.

The company was able to singularly and efficiently institute these changes as the sole owner and operator of all of its various properties. Citizen M also helped donate many unused iPads and hotel rooms to various charities supporting Covid-19 relief efforts.

The company has also committed to implementing fully flexible individual bookings, and allowing free worldwide cancellations up to 24 hours before arrival until the end of 2020 for both new and existing reservations.

The global pandemic has led to a rise in contactless solutions for hotels. Akia, an AI-Enabled contactless communications solution announced a rise in funding recently, and ALICE has launched a free guide for how operators can easily and successfully integrate new contactless technologies.

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