Coco Collection selects Cendyn for CRM

Coco Collection selects Cendyn for CRM

[Credit: Coco Bodu Hithi]

Maldives: Cendyn, a cloud software for CRM, sales and revenue strategy, has been selected by Coco Collection for the group’s boutique luxury resorts in the Maldives.

Using eInsight, Coco will be able to collect and organise data from multiple sources to help build a detailed guest profile. With the CRM’s ability to provide automation, segmentation and reporting, Coco can leverage the data within each profile and create personalised experiences.

Cendyn will also power the group’s Coco Rewards program. Powered by eLoyalty, the program will offer tiered benefits as well as the ability to earn and redeem points for resort experiences. 

Coco’s rewards program launched earlier this year, consisting of a four-tiered system that allows guest to work their way up the loyalty program. Gusts aged 12-18 will also be eligible to earn points each night at the resorts throughout he Junior Coconuts program.

“At Coco Collection, we excel at providing one-of-a-kind guest experiences immersed in the beauty and culture of the Maldives,” said Hussain Hilmy, co-founder and board director at Coco Collection. “We’re excited to work with Cendyn and their CRM technology to evolve our offerings and create even more unforgettable experiences for every guest. This collaboration will also enable us to offer a personalised and dynamic loyalty program that is completely unique to Coco Collection.”

John Seaton, chief revenue officer at Cendyn, added: “We are thrilled to collaborate with Coco Collection on this exciting next chapter for the group. By combining the power of eInsight CRM and eLoyalty, Coco Collection will enhance every guest’s experience and drive loyalty through the Coco Rewards program. Coming out of a very challenging year, the teams are setting themselves up for huge success with technology that allows them to drive demand where they need it most.”

Cendyn has office headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida. The Cendyn Hospitality Cloud offers a complete set of software services for the industry.

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