Corona beer launches eco-friendly accommodation platform

Colombia: Beer brand Corona has introduced Paradise Advisor, a platform showcasing eco-friendly hotels across Colombia to encourage local sustainable travel.

Paradise Advisor will run similarly to Airbnb, showing users the different sustainable aspects of participating Colombian hotels.

It will primarily target local citizens and will see an initial 500 listing packages, financed by Corona, to provide promotional prices to attract the public and other visitors.

Diego Pomareda, director of Corona in Colombia, said: “With this new platform, we seek to give greater visibility and reputation to these places, which promote the efficient use of natural resources and support to local communities through practices and innovations oriented to the sustainable economy of the region.

“By launching this platform, our hope is that after several months of staying at home, Colombians will revisit paradise in a respectful way, while providing some financial relief to an industry that is connected to us and that has seen so much impact in recent months,” he added.

Results from a study by market consulting firm NEXT Data & Insights reveals that 62 per cent of consumers are now more likely to buy from brands that have taken a public stand on issues important to them.

52 per cent of consumers want brands to back social justice and equity issues, while 57 per cent said that companies need to stand up for environmental and sustainability matters.

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