Criton, HotelREZ and Best Loved Hotels partner

UK: Criton, HotelREZ and Best Loved Hotels have partnered to enable thousands of hotel members to adopt a mobile-first approach.

In 2020, hundreds of hotels adopted Criton’s mobile guest engagement and integrations platform to reduce touch points, save costs on printed materials, and offer a safe guest experience.

The partnership aims to ensure that, as restrictions start to ease in the UK, hotels are in a position to embrace technology as they prepare to reopen.

Julie Grieve, founder and CEO of Criton, said: “I am truly delighted to partner with HotelREZ, to include Best Loved Hotels, and I am looking forward to working more closely with their teams to simplify the digital transformation process that many hotels are going through.

“The pandemic has accelerated the process that had already started a few years ago and mobile technology now plays a vital role in supporting social distancing and giving guests access to services at the touch of a button,” she said. “I am proud that our platform has been helping hoteliers increase profitability while enhancing the guest experience with features like food ordering and mobile check-in.”

Mark Lewis, CEO and owner of HotelREZ Hotels & Resorts, said: “We are delighted to partner with Criton and their guest engagement and integrations platform. The pandemic has had a catalytic effect on the adoption of mobile technology in the hospitality sector, with contactless services supporting behavioural change in travel. We believe Criton will enable our members to rationalise their approach, adapt their traditional SOP’s, stay engaged and drive vital incremental income.”

Representation company HotelREZ was founded in 2004 by Lewis, marketing and connecting independent properties with bookers worldwide. HotelREZ now provides distribution, revenue, sales consultancy and marketing services to more than 1500 hotels, apartments and hotel groups in over 100 countries.

Criton is a guest engagement and integrations platform that enables hotels, serviced apartments and groups worldwide to digits their guest information and wrap all guest-facing technology into one mobile app.

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