Culture Trip rolls out OTA platform for travel business

UK: London-based start-up, Culture Trip, has announced it will integrate booking capabilities into its content.

With the platform’s soft launch this week, Culture Trip is offering “contextualised” accommodation-only booking experiences to users who are consuming material that is related to 12 destinations.

Whilst the front-end user experience was developed in-house to keep with the company’s brand and vision, Culture Trip has opted to use Codegen’s TravelBox system in the back end.

Senior vice president of travel at Culture Trip, Andy Washington, said: “When you go to a good travel agent, they start to build a relationship with you and explore things with you; they don’t just chuck a brochure at you and expect you to come back.”

“In the same way, we are here to inspire, to help you discover what’s special and unique around the world. What are the right properties for you, what’s the right flight, or pack or trip,” he continued.

Culture Trip will offer content from local writers about the range of accommodation it will offer, providing details like check-in times and WiFi availability.

The company aims to scale up the number of destinations that it offers hotel bookings for to 40 and 10,000 properties, from the 120 in 12 destinations it launched this week with.

“We are giving property owners a completely different approach which is not about price or rate. We give them something about what makes them special,” Washington remarked, adding that it will give “a more human touch” to the booking process.

Culture Trip raised $80 million last year to develop its business. Next year, it plans to add flights and packages to the booking platform.

“We’re proud of what we’ve built. We’re really excited and we’re looking forward to our audience using it and helping us to learn and develop it in the way they want,” Washington said.

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