Firmdale partners with Taxeo VAT recovery service

UK: Firmdale Hotels has teamed up with Taxeo in a bid to cut the cost of business travel for its guests.

Taxeo is a European VAT recovery service provider which automates the recovery of UK VAT for its overseas corporate clients.

Firmdale has adapted existing Micros Opera software at its seven London hotels, plus one in New York, to send VAT compliant invoice data directly to TAXEO which uses the data to get the VAT refund “quickly and effortlessly”.

Mark Rupert Read, group IT manager for Firmdale Hotels said: “Working with Micros to integrate the Taxeo functionality was a relatively simple process and all our London hotels are now linked to Taxeo. With the recent changes required to include VAT in the room rate, we decided it was important to highlight that VAT is an avoidable cost for many of our foreign based corporate customers and collaborating with Taxeo offers a unique efficient process to mitigate this unnecessary cost for them.”

“Our priority is to always deliver to our customers the very best value for money service and to ensure doing business with us is as cost effective as possible. As many of our business clients are entitled to recover their travel-related European VAT we decided, particularly as there is no cost to link up with Taxeo, to offer this added-value service to our corporate clients to help them maximise their VAT refund claims. When you’re running a premier boutique hotel group in central London, at £500 a night, getting the 20% VAT back is a big deal,” he added.

Jean Cazès, CEO of Taxeo, said: “When we first approached Firmdale they immediately saw the mid to long term benefits of our automated VAT refund service, focused initially on hotel and car rental expenditure. Their forward thinking IT driven approach helped us through the development process with Micros, for which we are particularly grateful. Firmdale is our first significant UK affiliate and we look forward to welcoming their clients to our service. Use of Taxeo is a practical way for the European hospitality industry to mitigate the cost impact that VAT has on their corporate clients, which is particularly relevant to the UK given the high VAT rate compared to other major European cities.”

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