Free Masketeers campaign launches

UK: Free Masketeers is designing bespoke face masks for businesses using the leftover fabric from London hotel uniforms and NHS approved scrubs.

Lynn Mackie, who runs a high-end, bespoke uniform business for the hospitality sector, is working alongside Lindsay Paterson, a leadership coach in the public affairs and communications space, to make and deliver face masks during the COVID-19 pandemic.

So far, the campaign has delivered over 10,000 masks to charities helping disadvantaged communities, homeless communities, and refugees. 

For every 100 masks ordered, 20 are donated to charities. These include care homes, community food delivery charities, food banks, and homes for veterans.

Paterson said: “With Lynn’s strong reputation in the hospitality sector and my knowledge and contacts in NGOs and charities, we decided to see if we could create a social impact model which serves the needs of two communities at this difficult time.”

Mackie explained: “We quickly realised through our initial efforts that the production of uniforms and scrubs creates waste fabric and off-cuts.  We saw that we can use this fabric to create simple but effective masks.” 

“We are calling initially on the hospitality industry and businesses that are now considering returning to the office, to support their own people whilst supporting others at the same time. Good protection is essential for everyone right now, and keeping the team and customers safe is a great reflection of a brand’s ethos. We are very proud to be able to offer a solution which meets the needs of both businesses and charities alike and hope that employers will get behind us,” she added.

An order can be placed by emailing or calling 07976 721 538.

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