Hotel software allows direct sale of rooms by the hour

Worldwide: BYHOURS, a marketing and management company for hotel microstays, has created a new line of business BYHOURS DIRECT that allows hotels to make guest rooms and meeting rooms available to clients by the hour.

To date, the commercialisation of hotel rooms could only be done through the BYHOURS website or app. Now, rooms can be marketed and sold directly on the hotel website if they decide to integrate the BYHOURS tool.

BYHOURS DIRECT includes two sales modules: hotel room inventory and hotel meeting rooms.

The tool helps to sell rooms for up to three, six or 12 hours. It comes as demand for meeting rooms and work from home policies are increased as a result of Covid-19.

BYHOURS currently operates in 25 countries across Europe, Latin America and the Middle East. The new SaaS tool will be available and marketed worldwide.

Guillermo Gaspart, co-founder and CEO of BYHOURS, commented: “BYHOURS DIRECT was on our roadmap for some time, but the project has been accelerated as a response to the unprecedented crisis that the hotel industry is suffering, in order to offer a solid, viable alternative to increase direct sales. Our software is created from scratch and helps hotels sell, organise and manage their inventory of rooms and meeting rooms. With BYHOURS DIRECT we help hotels to increase the much desired direct sales. Nowadays hoteliers must adapt to new clients’ needs and increase the range of products offered on their websites, in order to retain customers and build loyalty.”

BYHOURS is an online platform and mobile app that allows hotel microstays to be booked in more than 3,500 international properties. The app was born in 2012 and uses a pay-per-use system.  

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