IDeaS partners with four Amsterdam hotels

IDeaS partners with four Amsterdam properties

[Credit: Urban Lodge Hotel]

Amsterdam: Four Alex Chang-owned hotels in Amsterdam will implement IDeaS’ G3 Revenue Management System.

The properties include The Olympic Hotel Amsterdam, Hotel Espresso, Urban Lodge Hotel and Botel.

IDeaS was selected as the preferred partner on the basis of three main areas:

1) Automated decisions – previously, the hotels had used a rules-based system, which required human interaction and manual parameter setting. 

2) Pricing flexibility – the platform provides agile rates and room-type pricing based on real-time data.

3) Long-term partnership – the hotel group anticipates a swift return on investment and noted how IDeaS is priced competitively and reasonably. 

Richard Lont, revenue manager, Olympic Hotel Amsterdam, said: “A revenue manager and a revenue management system should make each other stronger, so each can focus on doing what they do best. In my opinion there are only about three real revenue management systems on the market at the moment. Others are just rate changers, but there’s more to the hotel business than ADR—highest ADR does not mean highest revenue. With IDeaS, I knew I’d have a truly automated RMS I could trust to help produce the highest revenue possible and provide me with the right data I need to make strategic decisions.”

Cheryl Hawksworth, managing director for EMEA at IDeaS, said: “We’re honoured to partner with Richard Lont and his revenue team at this early stage of their strategic evolution. Their trust in us – in the middle of the pandemic lockdown period no less – is a testament to their forward-looking vision and IDeaS’ renowned ability to enable a swift return on investment. Now, as demand returns to the Amsterdam destination-tourism market, their decision to implement IDeaS G3 RMS will deliver a leading competitive advantage.”

Kirsten Lang, IDeaS’ implementation partner for the BENELUX region, KL Consulting, said: “I look forward to working on this project. Implementing IDeaS G3 RMS is a key step in the future growth of this hotel group as they work to drive a successful cluster revenue management strategy with greater profitability and efficiency.”

IDeaS, a provider of revenue management software and services, has more than 15,000 clients in over 143 countries. Further information can be found here.

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