IoH partners with eHotelier for online academy

IoH partners with eHotelier to power online academy

UK: The Institute of Hospitality has partnered with eHotelier to power its online IoH Academy, a platform of learning resources for members.

There are more than 250 courses available through the IoH Academy, including demonstrations, simulations, testing and assessment, on-the-job application support, mentoring and peer collaboration.

All the resources have been designed to help current and aspiring hospitality professionals have the tools and knowledge needed to manage current challenges.

In addition to the online learning portal, the IoH Academy offers continued professional development (CPD) content, articles, podcasts, webinars, a library and management guides, to support five key areas of hospitality management:

1. Business

2. Customer/guests

3. Leadership

4. Self-care

5. Team

Matthew Stephens, managing director at eHotelier, said: “We are delighted to have been selected by the IoH to support professionals as they learn new skills that will help them rebuild our industry stronger than before. People are the key in all hospitality businesses, especially now, and eHotelier, through the IoH Academy, looks forward to empowering professionals to achieve their career aspirations.”

Sam Coulstock, head of professional development at the IoH, sad: “Our partnership with eHotelier is a game-changer for the IoH. Our members will now have a powerful learning tool at their fingertips, so they can learn wherever and whenever they want.

“The IoH Academy reaches far beyond basic online exercises and entertainment, the coursework ensures learners are offered genuine background, context, depth and understanding. Continued professional development is essential for every hospitality professional to stay current and push their career forward and is the cornerstone of the Institute.”

The Institute of Hospitality is a charitable organisation and membership body for the hospitality industry with regional branches across the UK as well as several overseas branches.

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