IRIS launches Open Tab and Pay at Table

IRIS launches Open Tab and Pay at Table

[Credit: Alba Lantigua on Unsplash]

Worldwide: IRIS, a technology platform for F&B ordering, guest directory, and concierge solutions, has announced the launch of two new foodservice features.

Open Tab allows customers to start a tab, order multiple rounds of food and drink, and pay in one single transaction all from their phones. This mobile service also makes it possible for groups to order on separate devices and compile their individual orders onto one bill if they wish. 

Prior to the launch of Open Tab, customers were required to pay each time they made an order as opposed to making one final purchase at the end of their dining experience. Guests are also not required to sign up for an account.

Pay at Table accompanies Open Tab by enabling customers to retrieve their bill at the end of their meal and pay directly through the app, regardless of how the order was placed. This allows guests to leave when they wish without having to wait for a staff member.

Graham Rushin, VP of sales and marketing at IRIS, explained: “We have developed Open Tab and Pay at Table as two features that will not only meet the ever-growing demand from guests for a highly digital, self-service experience that is delivered across other aspects of daily life but will also enable hospitality owners and operators to increase their earnings and revenue potential of their venues. Both features deliver intuitive, efficient functions that support staff, operations, cashflow, revenue and payment security to build a better experience for guests and operators alike.”

The launch comes at a time when hospitality businesses are struggling with rising costs and staff shortages. According to a recent study by the National Restaurant Association, 58 per cent of operators said recruiting and retaining employees is the top challenge currently facing their business.

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