Japanese-inspired coffee brand offers alternative to capsule machines


Europe: Freshdrip, a ready-to-brew, single-serve coffee dripper, is rolling out its product to hotels.

Established in 2017, Freshdrip uses Japanese design and technology to make fresh filter coffee brewed in under three minutes. 

Freshdrip filters contain 10g of roasted and precision-ground, single-origin coffees and come in three strength levels: full, medium and decaf. 

After a trial at The Hoxton Hotel Amsterdam, Lisa Devlin, head of housekeeping, said: “Before we had Freshdrip in the rooms, no one ever mentioned the in-room coffee in a review or social media post. When we replaced our previous solution with Freshdrip, Tripadvisor and Instagram were suddenly full of beautiful posts and great reviews.”

“It helped us to create consistency between our barista-made coffee downstairs and the in- room coffee experience, while keeping guests in the building for longer and spending more.”

Freshdrip can be rolled out hassle-free as it only requires a hot water source and mugs. Its packaging can also be easily recycled with general hotel waste.

Customised branded options are even available for high-volume partners.

The company already works with the likes of The Dylan Amsterdam, Hotel St. George Helsinki, Jewel Hotel Prague, and supplies leading retailers like Harrods and Harvey Nichols.

An organic-certified Nicaraguan coffee is set to launch in summer of 2020.

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