Jurny launches management operating system

Jurny launches management operating system

US: Hospitality technology company Jurny has introduced Jurny MOS, an all-in-one management operating system to consolidate the tech stack for hotel operations.

Jurny MOS brings together the features of a PMS with AI pricing, smart access control, a noise sensor dashboard, guest verification and communication, channel management, cleaning and maintenance, online reputation tracking, and more. 

Features are displayed in one dashboard, all from one system. Hotel staff can also access room temperature control, opening and closing doors, support chat, check-in information, extending bookings, and local recommendations from the app.

The Pro version of Jurny MOS provides additional services including support with accounting, distribution optimisation, revenue management, and 24/7 front desk support.

Luca Zambello, CEO of Jurny, said: “Independent hotel and short-term rental operators face a maze of incomplete tech solutions, all of which have made developing a proper tech stack increasingly more expensive and difficult, to the point that is only available to a few larger, well capitalised, players in the space.

“Today ends that challenge with the official launch of Jurny MOS – an all-in-one, vertically integrated solution, purpose-built to the needs of these hospitality providers. Instead of piece-mealing together or developing proprietary solutions, they can focus instead on putting their guests’ experiences front and centres.”

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