Kotozna plans global rollout for translation system

Japan: Tokyo-based communication startup Kotozna Inc plans to expand its ‘Kotozna In-room’ translation system globally, which enables hotel staff to interact with guests in real time across 109 languages as each user is typing and reading in their chosen language.

The system will be presented at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2021 – an event produced by Consumer Technology Association that showcases companies of technology hardware, content, delivery systems and more. This year, it will be held virtually from January 11-14th.

Hotels can use ‘Kotozna In-room’ at no upfront cost as it can be launched via a web browser on a smart phone and tablet with the scan of a QR code. It can also be customised to offer vouchers, sightseeing information, and other various services.

Features of ‘Kotozna In-room’ includes:

• Enabling multiple parties to exchange instant messages in their own languages 

• Capable of translating among 109 languages 

• Launches on a smartphone’s and tablet computer’s web browser with a quick scanning of a QR code 

• Contactless communication

• Visual message board that helps businesses keep track of their interactions with guests 

• Usable for both live chatting and automatic bot-chat 

• Customisable menu with 10 themes and 60 service items to choose from 

• Patented technology that identifies and accesses the best translation engines for each conversation 

• Ability to access various existing translation engines 

• Allows users to request another translation when the message is hard to understand in the first try

“We are very excited to introduce ‘Kotozna In-room’ at CES 2021 because it allows hospitality businesses to provide guest services safely and efficiently while boosting their bottom lines,” said Kotozna CEO and co-founder Genri Goto. “Our patented technology not only enables highly accurate translations to prevent miscommunication, but it also helps hotels and inns understand guests’ needs in general to develop more efficient business strategies. We believe this novel contactless interaction tool is a game changer for the industry.” 

Around 40 hotels in Japan initially signed up to use ‘Kotozna In-room’ from July 2020. It runs on a subscription type model with hotels paying $5 per room per month.

The product was developed in collaboration with Japanese travel agency JTB Corporation.

Further information about Kotozna’s product can be found here.

Founded in 2016, Kotozna uses its technology to enable people from around the world to communicate without language barriers. The company released its first product ‘Kotozna In-room’ in September 2020 in Japan, and plans to expand the offering worldwide in January 2021. 

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