Luxury hotel bedding brand Suitenings launches

Belgium: Bedding manufacturer Latexco has launched Suitenings which offers hotels and other accommodations customised bedding products, including services from consultancy to after-sales advice and support.

The Suitenings collection consists of high-quality latex mattresses and toppers manufactured by Latexco. It is the first brand to introduce latex-based bedding products to the hotel sector.

Working with its customers, Suitenings will select the most suitable mattress, topper or bed, and will assist hotels with making practical agreements, deliver and install the products, and remove and recycle the existing mattresss.

Guests will be able to purchase an identical bed for home use through the Suitenings at home programme, which includes delivery by the Suitenings team.

The team is led by Gaëlle Verstraeten and Lieven Vandendriessche, CEO of Latexco. Vandendriessche said: “Over the past decades, I have stayed in many hotels around the world. Quite often, I was disappointed about the level of sleeping comfort. I now know the secrets of a good night’s sleep. I am happy to share this experience with the accommodation sector, together with Gaëlle and our entire team, to help hotels and other star-rated accommodation set the tone in terms of sleeping comfort.” 

Verstraeten added: “For hotels, this is the perfect time to prepare for that moment, making sure they’ll be able to treat their guests to an amazing sleeping experience. We will gladly help the hotel industry prepare for that fresh start. By investing in a five-star sleep experience, they are guaranteed to gain a competitive edge.” 

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