Nuvola and React Mobile to provide hotel staff with safety device

US: Nuvola have announced a partnership with React Mobile to equip hotel staff with a safety device to provide immediate assistance in emergencies.

React Mobile’s device features a one-click activation that transmits an alert across Nuvola’s Housekeeping Productivity platform, instantly notifying security staff of a problem.

The device’s one-click activation does not require unlocking or handling of a separate phone.

It is a battery powered device that runs daily in the background, allowing a means to summon help to an employee’s exact location using multiple built-in GPS tracking options.

“As a former hotelier, I understand the risks involved in daily tasks, and how many of these are done in solitude which can leave employees vulnerable,” said Juan Carlos Abello, CEO at Nuvola. “The importance of equipping staff with an accessible and reactive security measure as they perform day-to-day tasks cannot be overstated and there has never been a better time to use technology to do so.”

Robb Monkman, CEO of React Mobile, added: “Up-to-date location details and alerts play an imperative role in providing a safe working environment for a hotel’s staff. Nuvola’s commitment to reducing staff safety risks through a robust optimisation platform made them the perfect partner to bring the dual-purpose safety solution to market.”

Nuvola is a cloud-based, hotel software company focused on hotel operating efficiency, asset management, and guest experiences.

React Mobile provide safety solutions for the hospitality industry. Its technology is integrated with platforms like Ruckus, Aruba, and Inncom to name a few.

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