Online platform Beonprice Academy to provide revenue training for hotel

Spain: RMS provider Beonprice has launched its Beonprice Academy – an online learning platform that provides training in revenue management.

The Basic certification is suited for all levels of understanding, ranging from revenue professionals to related disciplines of marketing, sales and finance, as well as hotel and general managers.

Intermediate and Advanced certifications are due for release in 2020. The training is available in English and Spanish to an unlimited number of users at each of Beonprice’s RMS clients.

Julia Rey, head of Beonprice Academy and former revenue manager, said: “When analysing the career path of many hotel revenue professionals, we noticed a pattern of internal promotions, predominantly from reception and reservations. The industry lacks the formal training for the increasingly complex role expected to understand the combined disciplines of marketing and pricing strategies, which is heavily reliant on technology due to the swathes of data that needs to be processed.”

Rey added: “We believe it’s important for clients to not only understand how our tool, works but also the genesis of revenue management. That way, businesses are able to truly engage with their RMS, strengthening the internal culture around revenue management, and understanding the range of actions they can take to boos their revenue and make the system work for them.”

From October 2019, all new clients of Beonprice’s RMS are provided with access to the online Academy to complete the Basics certification before accessing the RMS. The training consists of five, fifteen-minute modules.

Beonprice is a B2B hospitality travel technology company, offering a revenue management cloud-solution for more than 2,000 clients in over 30 countries. It has also developed HQI, a hotel market index that measures the overall quality of a hotel to understand the competitive position and price elasticity of demand in the market.

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