OTO offers CBD spa experience with accredited training

UK: CBD spa brand OTO has introduced an immersive spa experience that’s CIBTAC accredited, with a training course available exclusively to spa partner therapists.

CBD (cannabidiol) is one of the main components found in the hemp plant. It can help to regulate physiological functions like pain, inflammation, sleep, stress and anxiety.

OTO has created a CBD-infused massage experience that combines CBD products and massage oils with the use of sound therapy and crystals. 

Recipients can choose either Focus (energising), Amplify (cleansing), or Balance (restorative) OTO treatments. 

As part of the experience, each treatment will begin with a shot of OTO CBD Seltzer, followed by a 60 or 90 minute massage with CBD oils.

The oils, developed by OTO, contain 25mg of CBD per 25ml in three variants:

Focus – containing ginger, black pepper and frankincense

Amplify – containing bitter orange, grapefruit and juniper berry

Balance – containing jasmine, basil, fragonia, helichrysum and roman chamomile 

The CIBTAC accreditation course will train therapists in performing the treatments to OTO standards, as well as further their understanding of CBD and the endocannabinoid system. 80 per cent of the course can be delivered online.

OTO’s head of spa, Helen Cain, said: “There is no doubting the remarkable effects of ‘OTO strength’ CBD. In a time when consumers are looking for a moment of calm, we have developed a range of first of their kind full CBD sensory experiences; with a fully accredited course to further understanding within the industry.” 

OTO was founded by husband and wife James Bagley and Gemma Colao who set up California’s first legal dispensary. Returning to the UK, Bagley and Colao teamed up with scientists, botanists and designers to create OTO, with the aim to redefine the UK’s CBD sector.

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