Revinate launches broad use guest data platform

US: Revinate, a provider of guest data management and intelligence, launched a first of its kind database

The database aggregates, cleans and delivers guest profiles for hotels and property groups of all sizes.

Previously, data platforms have focused on rooms as the primary measurement for how companies view their site usage, whereas Revinate’s solution prioritizes the individual guest.

CEO and co-founder of Revinate, Marc Heyneker noted: “For decades, technology companies have taken a room-centric approach to hospitality, managing rooms, not guests. We are seeing a tectonic shift to a guest-centric approach and Revinate is delivering the data and intelligence that is transforming the guest experience.”

The platform ingests data from the industry’s critical systems, providing hotels with machine learning tech that brings their guest data into one secure database. The profiles created from this can be used in both unique lifecycle marketing campaigns and guest experience management systems.

The software is particularly targeted at groups, with cross-property visibility and reporting for stakeholders integrated tightly into the code. Following its commitment to data security and consumer compliance, the system categorises data so that hoteliers may easily comply with complex regulations, such as GDPR.

Carlie Stevenson, marketing director at Brittain Hotels and Resorts said of her time with the product: “Revinate’s insights and data have helped us elevate our guests’ experiences across all our properties driving more than $54 million in revenue in our first two years.”

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