Ruby Hotels partners with Bookboost

Bookboost team at a Ruby Hotel

EU: Ruby Hotels has partnered with Bookboost Guest Messaging, claiming to have increased conversion to 29 per cent and improve ratings by eight to 11 per cent.

Guest engagement platform Bookboost has been implemented at select properties in the Ruby Hotels portfolio, allowing each hotel to directly message guests with personalised messages. It works across numerous messaging channels including email, SMS, Facebook, WhatsApp and others.

A Green Option has been incorporated, where guests can skip a day room cleaning in return for a cocktail, which reportedly achieved a 29 per cent conversion rate compared to only 0.1 per cent by email. This also allowed the brand to save 42,000 litres of water weekly in a 200 room hotel.

Ruby has also added a request for a Google review upon check-out, which it claims to have improved ratings by eight to 11 per cent and increased the brand’s average score to 4.7 compared to 4.4. 

Tobias Koehler, group director of systems and commerce at Ruby Hotels, said: “We’re an innovator in this stage, and we are looking carefully at how to test and implement innovation through proven use cases. We also look at how we can harness innovation ourselves through process improvement and reviewing leakage in our operations or service delivery. It’s important that we make an effort to get this right for the customer. You only have so much attention from the guest that you can expect. And you need to care and look after this, protect it, and use it in the best possible way.”

Ruby Hotels plans to deploy Bookboost across all ten hotels in Europe. The Guest Messaging solution includes the Omnichannel Website Chat which automates replies to website visitor inquiries and enables guest to talk with Ruby Hotels on their preferred channel. Ruby Laos utilises Bookboost’s Proactive Direct Message to scheduled and send SMS messages.

“We are working closely with Ruby Hotels to create personalised experiences for guests through Guest Messaging,” said Daan de Bruijn, CEO of Bookboost. “Together with Ruby Hotels, we aim to satisfy guests’ needs throughout the guest journey according to their time, schedule and likings. And that we do by sending guests the right message, at the right time, on the most appropriate channel, in the right tone.”

Bookboost is based in Malmö, Sweden and has been implemented within hotels, serviced apartments and hostels including independents as well groups and chains.

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