SiteMinder launches ‘Insights’ to support hotel distribution

UK: The global guest acquisition platform SiteMinder has unveiled ‘Insights’, a set of smart monitoring and reporting capabilities that provides data on local market, business performance and guests.

The unveiling of SiteMinder ‘Insights’ follows a company study conducted last year, researching hoteliers concerns. Key findings include:

  • Delivering to the increasing expectations of guests (71 percent agreed).
  • Forecasting and managing demand amid the rise of last-minute bookings (62 percent agreed).
  • Rethinking sales and marketing strategies, including pricing, because of Airbnb (58 percent agreed).

The key drivers for investing in technology were cited as better management of room rates and pricing, less time spent on admin and more on guests, and more proactivity about increased local competition.

Inna Lathan, chief product officer at SiteMinder, said: “In spite of increasing technology to support hotels, many are still challenged with responding to dynamic rates and changing consumer expectations that demand both personalisation and the best prices. The pervasive trend of bargain hunting is both rewarding and rewarded behaviour among consumers. That behaviour is ultimately driving the continued growth of last-minute bookings and pressuring hoteliers to discount if they want to compete.

“Guest knowledge is power. The entire concept of distribution has evolved, from a transactional way to manage room rates and availability, to a smart, data-driven strategy that reaches guests at all stages of their individual journey—and helps hoteliers to make decisions. SiteMinder Insights allows hotels to be smarter about their sales and marketing strategies while maintaining the integrity of their brand.”

The Cottage in the Wood uses SiteMinder Insights, alongside the channel management and direct booking features within the SiteMinder platform. The 30-room UK property has since increased average room rates by six per cent, revPAR by £10, and made its direct hotel website its best performing sales channel by rooms nights sold.

Tom Evans, business and revenue manager at The Cottage in the Wood said: “As hoteliers, we are great with guests but not necessarily with numbers. SiteMinder Insights has become the second thing I look at each morning, after checking my emails, because it very obviously shows me how my rates differ across all my sales channels and gives me the chance to take action. As our property increasingly starts catering for more high-end travellers, we want to be more competitive but ensure we are pricing correctly and not underselling ourselves.”

SiteMinder’s technology has been adopted by more than 35,000 hotels across 160 countries, and has helped generate in excess of 100 million reservations worth over £27 billion in revenue for hotels each year.

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