SiteMinder updates Little Hotelier app

SiteMinder updates Little Hotelier app

Little Hotelier

Worldwide: Hotel commerce platform SiteMinder has released the latest version of its mobile app Little Hotelier.

The re-release of Little Hotelier includes an enhanced interactive calendar for accommodation providers to view, manage and create reservations, as well as a simplified payments module for users.

A multi-factor authentication has improved the app’s security measures, and English and Spanish speaking users (which comprise more than 90 per cent of total users) can now chat live with SiteMinder’s global customer support team.

Juliet Ramzan, general manager of Little Hotelier at SiteMinder, said: “When the travel industry talks about the increased usage of mobile devices, typically it is the end consumer who comes to mind. We overlook the mobility that those devices provide to extremely time-challenged businesspeople, especially those who run an always-on small hotel business. So, we wanted to flip the script. 

“For too long, the focus has only been on the mobility of hotel guests and, more recently, those guests’ ability to work from anywhere. At SiteMinder, we believe that same flexibility should be extended to hoteliers, so they can be as free and connected, and as in control, as their guests.

“More than 85 percent of the world’s hotels are independent properties who can feel a little stuck. They might receive an email reservation while they’re away from the front desk, so they rush back to immediately enter that reservation into their system to avoid double-bookings. At SiteMinder, we know every second is valuable for small accommodation providers and now they can make every second more productive, regardless of where they are.”

SiteMinder sells, markets and manages tens of thousands hotels across 150 countries. Headquartered in Sydney, the company has offices in Bangkok, Berlin, Dallas, Galway, London and Manila.

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