SMART FLOW helps hospitality save water costs

SMART FLOW helps hospitality save water cost

The team at SMART FLOW

UK: Water management technology provider SMART FLOW is helping hospitality businesses to reduce water cost by 30 per cent.

SMART FLOW provides the technology and software to reduce and control water costs of hospitality businesses, retail, public bodies, care homes, other commercial businesses and office blocks.

Harbour Hotels has saved 18.25 million litres of water per year, reducing the group’s water consumption with SMART FLOW by 40 per cent of total water savings.

Dave Hogan, CEO of SMART FLOW, said: “Since the start from two years ago, our water management technology has grown from managing just over one million litres of water to now over 70 billion litres. SMART FLOW water technology is now empowering companies to take total control of all their water usage and water costs.

“By the end of 2022, SMART FLOW will be managing over a 100 billion litres of water. We are proud that SMART FLOW customers in the hospitality, care homes and manufacturing industries are saving way more than 30 per cent and getting total control and visibility of their water and energy usage,” he added.

Heating hot water can account for as much as 20 per cent of energy bills. Case studies show that utilising SMART FLOW can help to reduce water by 50 per cent and energy cost by 10 per cent.

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