Smart-tech pathogen protection equipment launches

US: BioPPE, a manufacturer of smart-tech health solutions, is rolling out a line of new products to help businesses adapt and prepare for heightened hygiene protocols.

BioPPE produces high-tech, health-forward solutions to those businesses that see a moderate traffic of people on a semi-regular basis. This includes the hospitality industry, home services, education, and entertainment venues.

Many of its products are linked by the global BioPPE Wellness Linked Network System (WLNS) which supports organisations to collect anonymous data for surveying and contact tracing.

The new line of products feature:

BioProtect Wellness Portal – a PPE dispenser that also aids in data collection and health information distribution. Integrating with the BioPPE WLNS, the Alexa-enabled, voice-powered unit offers a range of bio-protection capabilities from wellness check surveying to contact tracing, to providing guests and employees with convenient access to disposable facemarks and other BioPPE products.

BioMask Bluetooth+ – an antimicrobial face mask that incorporates Bluetooth and a localised speakerphone, allowing users to take mobile calls in person. It also features cooling technology, and is made from microfibre material. The BioMask is available without built-in speakerphone and/or Bluetooth.

BioShield UV-C Disinfection Box – an anti pathogen box, available in a variety of sizes, that can sterilise phones, reusable masks, wallets, purses and other small items in minutes. It is fitted with an internal USB charging port and is controlled via built-in Alexa Voice Informative Wellness Portal.

BioProtect Face Mask Dispenser – a no-touch, grab-and-go dispenser that provides face masks to guests and employees in public spaces. It’s available as a wall mounted or free-standing unit, and can be configured for free or revenue-generating distribution.

BioMask Antimicrobial Protective Face Mask – a general purpose consumer face mask that incorporates a double-layer antimicrobial composite technology protecting the user from airborne pathogens.

“When the pandemic hit, the world ‘knee jerked’ in managing the initial impact of COVID-19,” said BioPPE CEO Brock Flint. “Meanwhile at BioPPE, we focused on the phases beyond that, inventing products and solutions to not only help organisations prepare, operate effectively and sustain for the new normal, but to also be equipped for the possibility of future contagions.”

All of BioPPE’s products can be custom branded with logos and colours. For further information, visit the website here.

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