Symon provides digital employee communications for Firmdale

UK: Firmdale Hotels is using the Symon employee digital communication system to raise awareness of vacancies in the company.

After a series of consultations Symon installed a 55″ LED display in the back-of-house “Family Room” within The Soho Hotel as an initial trial. This display was also accompanied by the Symon InView Software, channelling similar multi-media content to employees via the canteen PC. Information about job vacancies within Firmdale was interspersed with with live TV, live travel and weather updates, and corporate content “able to reinforce employee awareness of the business’s current performance levels”.

The trial was successful and the Symon system has been rolled out to nine Firmdale properties in the UK.

Firmdale’s Mark Rupert Read said: “”The Symon Graphic Design team produced our initial design templates. Whilst complying with all Firmdale design guidelines, Symon also fashioned a design that was extremely impactful, engaging and incredibly easy for us to edit. The Symon solution has proven to be a great success within our hotels, unifying communications simply, yet effectively.”

After conducting an internal survey, Firmdale found that 44 per cent of employees had referred available positions to external applicants who they believed would be suitable for the role.

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