Synoptic Reactivate launches to support safe working environments

UK: Synoptic, a global software company, has launched its Reactivate platform designed to facilitate safe and efficient reopening whilst minimising the potential problems that movement of people could pose for the NHS.

Synoptic Reactivate offers a twofold approach to reopening businesses: it connects the internal and external data dots to provide insight of when and where it is safe to reopen, whilst enabling the safety and health of employees to be monitored.

Examples include managing the stock levels of PPE and sanitiser in the workplace, tracking the travel routes of employees to determine who can safely return to work, and logging who has tested positive for COVID-19.

Data is gathered and cross-referenced from four modular applications:

  • Impact App: Using geospatial capabilities, the app can determine how the virus has and could impact specific areas based on the vulnerability of its demographic. This can also be used to asses the potential for business in that area, based on how much it has opened up. Once the location of an asset has been deemed sage, the Impact App can quantify the economic consequences of reopening by determining the number of staff needed versus the percentage of business needed to generate profit. For those that remain closed, it provides a predictive analysis based on future threat.
  • Health App: Employees provide data through surveys. allowing for secure monitoring of their health whilst assessing the suitability of their return to work. As testing is administered within organisation, the app can store results along with daily symptom updates to be reviewed confidentially by those with access. It can also manage PPE and sanitisers levels to avoid shortages.
  • Travel App: Tracks health-related interactions of employees to safely and securely minimise the spread of the coronavirus. It can provide a digital trail and timeline of any employee, detailing the mode of transport and potential hotspots covered on any journey on any specific day. It offers visuals of integrated APIs including TfL, Santander Bicycles, National Rail and Uber.
  • Schedule App: Based on the data aggregated by other three applications, the Schedule App assigns employees to groups which are then used to coordinate employee shift scheduling via a visual and interactive calendar. It can be used to distribute data-driven reporting either on a one-to-one or one-to-many basis, protecting employees from harm should a potential problem arise.

The solution was modelled on Synoptic’s Critical Care Solution which was developed for the NHS.

It has already been rolled out across the US and has successfully been adopted by a range of businesses, including United Rentals, Office Depot, Petsmart and LPL Financial.

Graeme Scott, founder and CEO at Synoptic said: “The COVID-19 pandemic has overwhelmingly laid bare how unprepared many businesses have been in their ability to manage the impact of unexpected circumstances. With existing government guidelines lacking clarity, our Synoptic Reactivate solution is designed to empower businesses to take back the responsibility for their own operations in a safe, clear and responsible manner by allowing them to monitor when and where it is safe and appropriate for employees to return to work. By providing businesses with a simple and unified approach, businesses can improve their understanding of the probability of certain risks happening and will be able to better mitigate them and deliver on company missions no matter what the disruption. The full picture of any situation is rarely black and white and it is Synoptic’s mission to join the dots and provide clarity in a chaotic world.”

Synoptic is owned by Infinite Software, a London based firm that works with companies across multiple sectors, managing personal data sizes ranging from 5,000 to 480,000 identities. Synoptic offers a suite of SaaS products and applications that form a tailor-made intelligence ecosystem that aggregates and quantifies data.

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