The Hospitality Gig talent platform launches this month

UK: A talent platform, created by Fiona Robson, Kate Walsh and Rachel Moosa, is launching in January 2021 designed to connect businesses directly with hospitality talent on a temporary or longer-term basis.

The online platform will provide access for both employers and employees that are searching for flexible work, job shares, fractional roles and more. It will connect businesses with sales representatives, revenue managers, marketing executives, HR, finance and procurement.

The Hospitality Gig has been in test mode throughout December. Now, businesses and workers can sign up to get early access to the platform.

A 10 per cent platform fee will apply for each assignment. Employers must describe their requirements, terms and budget, before being shown a shortlist of talent. Employees are paid through Stripe, which processes and creates invoices once the job is complete.

Founders Robson, Walsh and Moose have a combined 63 years of experience in travel and hospitality, including senior leadership roles for global brands including Hilton, Accor, Fairmont, and Disney.

Managing director of The Hospitality Gig, Moosa, said: “For Kate, Fiona, and me, along with many in the hospitality industry, our careers are more than just a job, it is our passion. So when we saw the ravaging effect of the pandemic on the hospitality industry, we came together in the spirit of camaraderie the industry is famous for to keep hospitality working. We knew there was a huge pool of talented hospitality professionals out there and that businesses would be looking for highly skilled workers, in a totally different way than they were before the pandemic. As a senior vice president in human resources, I wanted to use my knowledge and experience to help facilitate that connection. So, we put our heads, and hearts, together and The Hospitality Gig was born.”

She continued: “If there’s one thing we’ve all learned this year, it’s that businesses are more than capable of accommodating remote and flexible working. And more than that, flexible working, job sharing, and fractional roles can be incredibly beneficial to businesses in the long term. The pandemic has changed the shape of work and recruitment forever, and we’re leading the hospitality response to this. In The Hospitality Gig, we have created a value-driven employment model, which is different from an agency.  We are disrupting the traditional approach to talent acquisition enabling businesses to find fully-trained talent as and when they need them while helping our colleagues get back to work. It’s a win-win.”

Further information about The Hospitality Gig can be found here.

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