UK hotel bookings hit highest level since March 2020

UK hotel bookings hit highest level since March 2020

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UK: Data from SiteMinder’s World Hotel Index reveals hotel bookings in the UK have reached the highest level compared to pre-pandemic times.

The World Hotel Index is sourced from the company’s open hotel commerce platform, used by 35,000 hotels and connected to more than 400 hotel booking channels globally.

Overall, hotel bookings in the UK first surpassed the global average on 9 May 2021 and have since grown to sit at 19.99 per cent above the current global average of 64.19 per cent.

As on 1 August 2021, bookings stood at 84.18 per cent of 2019 levels. These are driven by domestic tourism with 92 per cent of hotel bookings coming from within the country.

The vast majority that booked in the last two weeks are due to arrive at hotels this August (61.64 per cent) or September (19.15 per cent).

Coastal destinations have performed strong. Brighton surpassed pre-pandemic volumes on 6 June 2021, and peaked at 123.29 per cent of 2019 levels a few days later.

Other cities in the UK that have experienced the highest volumes of bookings since the start of the pandemic, compared to 2019 levels, include Edinburgh (111.76 per cent); Bristol (97.53 per cent); Glasgow (85.29 per cent); Manchester (81.67 per cent); and Birmingham (76.66 per cent).

Hotel bookings in London continue to grow and stand at 65.61 per cent of 2019. In comparison, bookings in Paris are at 53.28 per cent of 2019 levels, Amsterdam at 53.24 per cent, and Vienna at 50.42 per cent.

James Bishop, senior director of SiteMinder’s global ecosystem, said: “The data from SiteMinder’s World Hotel Index illustrates the diversity and resilience of the UK as a travel destination, with cities of all kinds showing a sustained upwards trend throughout the year. The data is in line with the findings of SiteMinder’s Changing Traveller Report 2021: UK Edition, which found that nearly two-thirds of UK travellers plan to travel either more (26 per cent) or the same amount (35 per cent) as before the pandemic. As a result, we should expect current trends to continue, especially as restrictions continue to ease in light of the UK’s ongoing vaccine programme.” 

He added: “While challenges remain, after 18 months, recovery is now in sight for the country’s accommodation providers who should continue to be diligent about ensuring their business is in the best position to succeed now and in the future, and look to technology as a critical enabler.”

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