Vamoos for Hotels launches to support reopening

UK: Vamoos, an end-to-end app for tour operators, has now been launched for hotels to allow guests view on-property and local information before their stay.

Vamoos can be loaded with information about the hotel and its surrounding area, which guests can view before they’ve arrived and can be altered in real-time when needed. 

It enables hoteliers to enhance the guest experience by recommending places to eat and places of interest to visit, including other details such as maps and weather.

Also featured is the ‘Directory’ which can include a room guide plus images of the spa, restaurant and bar area (as well as menus).

A virtual ‘do not disturb’ option allows guests to communicate with staff without needing to speak to them, therefore complying with social distancing measures.

Alisdair Luxmoore, director of Vamoos, said: “Vamoos started as an app for tour operators and users said it was great for holiday info, but why could they not have hotel info as well? Vamoos for Hotels means that by providing information ahead of the stay, guests get a chance to get excited ahead of their visit and can plan their trip. And hotel owners can use the messaging and notification system to help manage social distancing and be able to keep guests updated with the latest info post Covid-19.

“Because of the current situation, we have decided to let hotels have a free subscription for the rest of 2020, as they get back on their feet,” he added.

Lavender Hotels Group is currently trialling the app. Jonathan Butterworth, group operations directer, commented: “Vamoos is a great platform which will enable us to provide our customers with a quickly downloadable app in which to totally navigate around the facilities, places of interest and booking processes, at the tap of a screen. 

“The speed by which we went from enquiry to production was phenomenally quick and credit must go to the team at Vamoos. Its content system allows changes and tweaks to be made easily as our hotels evolve through the months and years. The added advantage is post-COVID-19 the app will reduce a significant number of touch points as we strive to safeguard the customer.  That, alongside the ‘Do Not Disturb’ function, messaging service to the hotel team and ability to provide links pre-stay to check in remotely, will significantly help in our ability to deliver to the guest exactly what they require,” Butterworth said.

To learn more about Vamoos for Hotels, visit the website here.

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