VLeisure offers software suite to Indochina market


South East Asia: VLeisure software has announced it is selling its VOS software suite to two to three star hotels in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos

The suite of products is designed to help smaller hotels provide similar services to larger hotels, as well as better optimize their management processes.

Vleisure, a travel tech company which operates in over 147 countries around the world, is offering its programs to small hotels with around 40 rooms or less. It offers a full ecosystem style service, attempting to provide all-in-one service for hotel management.

In the past, similar systems, such as large-scale property management systems, revenue managements and operations apps, have been limited to larger companies due to issues of cost.

Earlier this year, the company trialled its software in the region successfully earlier this year, with demand increasing as a result. VLeisure hopes to create a more level playing field for hotels, giving small and large hotels the same resources and opportunities.

VLeisure has seen success in the past year, partnering with Travel Prologue to expand its B2B services and distribution efforts.

“Sharing technology is the way forward for the travel industry,” said VLeisure CEO Phan Le. “Since our trials earlier this year, the demand for VOS has exceeded forecasts by over 40 per cent, so we are developing this ecosystem for new markets.”

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