washbnb crowdfunds for tech-enabled linen solution

washbnb launches crowdfunding campaign

Daniel Cruz

US: washbnb, a tech-enabled linen solution for the hotel and short-term rental industries, has launched a crowdfunding campaign via Wefunder.

The startup aims to eliminate the laundry problem for hotel managers and Airbnb hosts whilst solving a key operational pain point for the reliable supply of hotel-quality bed and bath linen. It automates the process for linen procurement and management.

As a tech-enabled solution, the company controls linen logistics and quality through data insights while exploring the latest in water and logistics tech to ensure an environmentally sustainable and efficient service. The result is an improved guest experience that reduces travel’s footprint while making businesses easier to operate and grow.

washbnb is democratising the investment process as part of its community driven strategy to grow the business for all stakeholders involved. By launching its seed round via crowdfunding with Wefunder, everyone will have the opportunity to invest in a startup company in a booming hospitality sector ahead of travel’s predicted comeback, not just wealthy accredited investors.

Daniel Cruz, co-founder and CEO of washbnb, started the company in 2020 after dealing with the gap in the market for an automated linen solution as an Airbnb host himself struggling with laundry. Milwaukee based, washbnb is rooted in a resurgent Midwest city featuring a fast-growing water-tech industry and fertile ground for both hospitality companies and laundry machine manufacturers.

washbnb pivoted during the pandemic with washhero.org and is aiming to build a community-driven, sustainable company with zebra stripes.

Cruz said: “Our customers really drive what we do, and they love washbnb. We take their biggest challenge off of their plates and we do it in a higher quality, safer, and much more sustainable way.

“Hosting is a great business, just look at Airbnb’s recent IPO, and we’re here to support these great businesses on the ground, where they need it most. It’s an entirely new category of business that needs to be created.

“Our customers see that and want to invest because they want to help. That’s how we build community,” he added.

Investment at this stage will fuel talent acquisition, research and development, as well as future expansion into fast-growing, short-term rental destinations.

Visit washbnb’s Wefunder page here.

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