Wishbox launches COVID-related digital features

Israel: Wishbox, a white-label guest engagement provider, has launched a suite of new smart tools to allow hotels digitise its guest communication.

Wishbox works with hotels, hostels and vacation rentals, offering a digital guest communication solution for day-to-day operations.

Accessed via the online app, Wishbox provides pre-arrival check-in features such as a document scans, collection of deposits and e-signatures, as well as the ability to coordinate arrival details.

Its SMS and WhatsApp messaging capability allows for direct contact, and pre-scheduled messages can prompt check-in prior to arrival. 80 per cent of guests complete this first time round, with the remainder 20 per cent after the second reminder.

Wishbox has recently launched its room upgrade feature, allowing hotels to create offers as part of the online check-in procedure. A “guest bidding” option, where a hotel can set a minimum and maximum price, allows for the guest to place a bid in order to win the upgrade.

A smart early check-in can be included as an up-sell based on availability. Data from Wishbox shows that a hotel with 50 rooms typically sells an average of 20 smart early check-ins per month. 

Other available features include the sharing of personalised content such as images, videos and PDFs, along with digital maps showing local attractions. All content can also be auto translated into the guests’ native language. 

David Mezuman, CEO at Wishbox, said: “As seen in many industries and areas of our lives, COVID-19 has accelerated development and change, prioritising digital excellence. These changes apply to the hospitality industry as well, raising the standards for the guest experience. It is now clear to everyone that digitising all communication between the hotel and guests before arrival and during their stay is mandatory. Guests will no longer agree to queue at a hotel lobby to check-in or use room brochures to understand how to operate amenities. Everything should be digital and available for them to discover or book on their phone.” 

He added: “Customers in 2020 expect all information to be available to them at a click of a button from anywhere, in their own language, and prefer instant booking over conversing with a representative or waiting for confirmations. We are in touch with hotels that have reopened or are about to reopen and are in need of becoming more efficient and safe. One of the advantages of the room upgrade feature is that guests can engage with the upgrade offer as part of the online check-in process they are already completing before arrival. This assures a higher booking rate for the upgrades as well as a seamless guest journey, integrating up-sells with necessary processes in the optimal way.” 

Further information can be found on the Wishbox website here

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