Monday 30 October 14:00 GMT: Urban Living MEA – The growth of boutique and lifestyle hotels

Hosted by BHN editor Eloise Hanson

The MEA region has long been recognised as an affluent travel destination with luxury hotels dominating the market. As travellers’ preferences evolve, there has been a shift towards a more personalised, experiential, and local approach to hospitality. Enter boutique and lifestyle hotels.

In this webinar, you will discover:

• The current saturation of luxury hotels in the region and identifying gaps where boutique and lifestyle hotels can expand

• The value proposition of boutique and lifestyle hotels – opportunities and challenges in driving premium pricing

• What travellers require from their accommodation and how hoteliers can fulfil expectations and more

• Effective marketing techniques to attract and convert target demographics

Learn insights from:

• Paul Bridger, COO, Rove Hotels

• Oskar Sköldberg, founding partner, Orka Investments

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