Monday 9 October 14:00 BST – The synergies of boutique hotels and short-term rentals


Hosted by BHN editor Eloise Hanson

Sponsored by Alliants

The lines between traditional hotels and short-term rentals have blurred in recent years. Boutique hoteliers are exploring private, self-catering accommodation whilst short-term rental property managers are venturing into hotel operations.

As these two sectors continue to converge, this webinar will explore the benefits, challenges, and opportunities of the hybrid model, including the potential for increased revenue and market reach for owners and property managers.

You will learn:
– How to maintain brand consistency and quality standards across different properties and locations
– What technology is available to manage inventory, reservations, and guest communication
– Marketing and distribution strategies
– Opportunities for operators and investors
– Future trends in the boutique hotel and short-term rental market

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