Can quarantine be quashed?

The massed ranks of the travel and hospitality industry in the UK are mobilising to try and force a government U-turn over the 14-day quarantine for overseas visitors, which came in to force on Monday.

A pressure group called Quash Quarantine, made up of more than 500 separate companies, is mounting a legal challenge to the ruling, which its members predict will have disastrous consequences – the group conducted a survey of its members last week and found that 71 per cent of owners and chief executives expected to make 60 per cent of staff redundant if the quarantine measures came into force, while a startling 28 per cent said they may go out of business altogether.

George Morgan-Grenville, chief executive of tour operator Red Savannah and leader of Quash Quarantine, said: “There are more holes than in a sieve in this unworkable, poorly-thought through and economically damaging government policy. The government has rushed through these measures, with no scientific evidence supported by its SAGE advisory group and no consultation with the travel companies that matter. We are taking soundings and discussing our next move. We are watching the BA legal action with keen interest.”

The group has said it has received private assurances from senior government sources that travel corridors between the UK and countries considered low risk will be in place from June 29. We will, of course, bring you the latest on the situation here at BHN.

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