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The sale of Generator Hostels has been a rather drawn out affair but that shouldn’t detract from what a great brand Generator is. Its properties are all very different in style and design, but have a common thread running through them, a certain attitude of confidence and community.

Generator does a terrific job of appealing to millennial customers, many of whom have a significant degree of loyalty to the brand, but its hostels – not really a word that many of us of a certain age would associate with the design-led Generator properties – offer something for a wider clientele too. My wife and daughter stayed at the Barcelona Generator and had a great time, and this year, when my daughter and her boyfriend took a trip to Copenhagen, as soon as she saw there was a Generator in the city, her accommodation decision was made in seconds.

With brands in all accommodation sectors pondering the still growing Airbnb challenge, Generator is a great example of how a strong brand goes a very long way to addressing that issue. Click  here to see a recent video interview of Jason Kow, CEO of Generator’s new owners Queensgate Investments, talking about the importnace of branding.

The hybrid hotel and hostel phenomenon will be the subject of a panel discussion at the 2017 Boutique and Lifestyle Hotel Summit in London on May 22 and 23.

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