If you can’t beat them

Bespoke Hotels’ move to expand the Bermondsey SquAIR initiative to its La Suite West property near Hyde Park is a great example of the hotel sector proactively responding to the sharing economy with an innovative offer.

Initially launched for rental apartment owners in the Bermondsey area of London, Bermondsey SquAIR offers housekeeping, key management, maintenance and point of contact services. It was designed to allow Airbnb hosts and other apartment owners to provide rental accommodation to a luxury boutique hotel standard.

Amid all the debate about the role of the traditional hotelier alongside the like of Airbnb, Bespoke has grasped the nettle and is earning income from travellers who may never have come on the company’s radar otherwise.

The fact that the west London extension was launched at the behest of property owners in the area shows the demand for such a service. Hats off to the Bermondsey Square Hotel and GM Robert Holland for the initiative, which surely has a bright future.

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