No hesitation

Accor’s extended shopping trip is showing no sign of slowing down – hot on the heels of its acquisition of a stake in  25hours Hotels, it has invested in upmarket operatorBanyan Tree.

There seems to be a clear pattern emerging to Accor’s strategy – to identify niches in the hospitality sector where it doesn’t have a strong presence – and then either acquire a leader in that particular niche, or, if that isn’t practical, launch its own brand in the space.

The former strategy has been evident in Accor’s emergence in the boutique/lifestyle sector with its positions in 25hours and  Mama Shelter. And rather than ignore the sharing economy phenomenon Accor has acquired its own rental platforms, including onefinestay and Oasis Collections. The second route to market can be seen by the rater audacious launch of  Jo&Joe, a fascinating brand in the hybrid/hostel space.

Accor clearly sees that the hospitality sector is a fast-moving environment and is determined not to be left behind as an also-ran. The Banyan Tree deal gives it exposure in an area of the luxury space where it had limited exposure previously, as well as strengthening its foothold in south-east Asia. Who will be next on Sébastien Bazin’s shopping list?

• Two quintessentially British brands have teamed up this week in a collaboration that seems such a natural fit it’s a wonder it hadn’t been done before. Iconic London fabric designer Liberty is to supply materials for  the refurbishment of Dukes Hotel in the UK capital’s St James neighbourhood.

The synergy between the brands should work perfectly, and the BHN team can’t wait to see the results!

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