Apex Hotels partners with mental health social enterprise

UK: Apex Hotels has partnered with MHScot Workplace Wellbeing C.I.C

Apex Hotels has partnered with MHScot Workplace Wellbeing C.I.C to formulate Scottish Mental Health First Aid courses throughout 2018 for members of the public.

Apex Hotels will provide training facilities at its Apex City of Edinburgh Hotel whilst MHScot will deliver the courses through specially trained instructors.

The open courses explore mental health and provide participants with the skills to speak to both colleagues and friends who are experiencing poor mental health, and provide information on where to find help and support.

Jennifer Matheson, Apex Hotels HR Officer, said: “At Apex, we continually strive to provide the best support and guidance for our employees. With mental health discussed more within the media and the increasing understanding of its impact and importance, we felt that creating a partnership with MHScot would provide our staff with the skills to deal confidently and correctly with any issues that our team members may face.”

Catherine Eadie, director of MHScot, said: “Working together with Apex Hotels benefits both organisations, as well as course participants from the wider community. Being able to run courses here at the Apex City of Edinburgh Hotel ensures that participants from far and wide not only have easy transport access to the course but can enjoy the excellent meeting facilities, whilst learning important new skills.”

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