Travel and wellbeing platform and app BODDY plans expansion

Travel and fitness app BODDY plans expansion

[Credit: BODDY]

Switzerland: B2B tech startup BODDY, which connects hotel guests with local health and wellbeing experiences, aims to cover most European travel hubs and expand into APAC next year.

Hannes Boller and Sandro Abegg founded BODDY in 2017. It’s a digital platform which provides real-time access to wellbeing experiences to travellers and hotels worldwide. The company partners with fitness and wellness operators such as gyms, yoga studios and spas and connects these with hospitality businesses.

Passes can be purchased directly through the accommodation provider’s website, or through integration in newsletters, pre-arrival emails or post-booking confirmations. As a white-label solution the design can be tailored to the hotel’s specifications. Travellers can also download the BODDY app on iOS and Android.

Guests can select a single or multi-visit pass which gives them the option to choose from a variety of wellbeing experiences as a pay-as-you-go service. Passes offer up to 60 per cent discount versus retail price, and customers can cancel up to two hours before an activity and the credits will be refunded back to their account.

Current cities that BODDY operates include London, Madrid, Barcelona, Zurich and Amsterdam. Amongst others, the company is seeking opportunities in Berlin, Brussels, Frankfurt, Edinburgh, Manchester and is launching in APAC 2022.

CEO of BODDY, Boller said: “We strongly believe that everybody should be able to stay healthy while away. BODDY unites two large-scale, high-growth industries, ultimately serving customers worldwide. Looking after one’s physical and mental wealth has been consistently gaining in importance over the past decade. And with Covid happening, never has it been more important to keep up with a healthy routine than today.

“Consumers should enjoy the freedom and flexibility wherever they are, without any form of subscription and contract. Simply pay as you go,” he continued. “We have a truly global ambition of having a sustainable positive impact on the travel and wellbeing industry, thereby contributing to make the world a healthier place. To partner with more hotels will be one of our top priorities. By doing so, hotels can improve customer loyalty and satisfaction, increase RevPAR, drive room night conversion and improve their overall competitive advantage.”

Further information about BODDY can be found here. 

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