Changing direction

It took some friendly advice from a colleague at a retirement party to set Nick Davies on his way to being a hotelier. A successful management consultant, he was told by the person for whom the party was being held that he hadn’t enjoyed his career, and that Nick should get out while he could and do something he loved!

He took the words on board, and within a year Nick and his wife Julia were the proud owners of The Cottage in the Wood, a boutique hotel in the Cotswolds.

Having spent a lot of time and effort getting the place to run the way they want it to, the couple are now starting to think about adding new properties. They have truly got the bug!

Nick’s story is a good reminder to everyone in the sector that hospitality is a vocation as well as a career, and that those who succeed aren’t just in the industry for the money – they do because they love it. They need the industry, and the industry needs people like them.

Click here to hear more from Nick, and keep an eye out for his next move!

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