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The creators, the agitators and the visionaries

Hosted by Boutique Hotel News editor Eloise Hanson, our Trailblazer webinar series is designed for hotel owners, operators, investors, developers and service providers within the hotel space.

No cost to join and designed to encourage participants to think differently as we look to the future; with thought-provoking discussions, debates, live Q&As with industry leaders and innovators.

The sessions promise to offer a snapshot of what hotels, hospitality and real estate professionals can expect at the URBAN LIVING FESTIVAL 2022: stay-live-work.



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Boutique Hotel Trailblazer 2022 series

Monday 27 June 14:00 BST

5. M&A activity in the lifestyle sector 

[sponsored by Bizzon and elina]

Investor appetite is high and transaction volume is rising, resulting in strong competition for high quality assets given the limited stock on the market. This webinar will explore the current and upcoming opportunities for investment in lifestyle hotels this year as the industry rebounds.

You will learn:

• How the buyer-seller dynamic will shift when additional stock enters the market, and how supply pipelines will effect valuations

• The impact of inflation on the access to capital 

• Where the opportunities are to purchase stressed assets, and whether these will become distressed

• The forecasted growth of lifestyle hotels 

Trailblazers joining the discussion will be:

Hilton Foster, director of debt finance, OakNorth Bank 

Brad Korman, co-CEO, Korman Communities


Monday 11 July 14:00 BST

6. The next best hotel tech

[sponsored by Bizzon and elina]

Hotel technology providers will put their best foot forward in this Dragon’s Den style webinar. Learn about digital solutions across F&B, meetings and events, property management and in-room systems. 

You will discover: 

• The latest innovations and technology trends

• Integration strategies 

• How to drive operational efficiencies and greater returns


Graham Pope, VP sales, Cvent Hospitality Cloud


Dominic Child, VP sales, Bizzon

Duncan Chappell, commercial director, elina


Monday 26 Sept 14:00 GMT

Boutique Hotel News in partnership with Hotel Solutions Partnership

You will learn:



Thursday 9 June 14:00 BST

Out with the old, in with the new: Driving loyalty now and in the future

Boutique Hotel News in partnership with Cendyn

Changing consumer priorities and values have called for a re-evaluation of hotel loyalty programs. Innovative strategies and a strong engagement plan are needed to reignite growth. This webinar will explore the steps needed to ensure your hotel brand is maximising its potential to drive renewed loyalty among customers. 

You will learn:

• How to create, launch and manage a successful loyalty program to attract and retain guests

• How to balance transactional incentives with emotional connection and build trust

• Effective tips to personalise and humanise an autonomous guest journey

• Consumer shopping and buying behaviour – understanding and identifying valuable opportunities

Joining the discussion will be:

Victoria Curley, group revenue and distribution manager, Roomzzz Aparthotels

Niels Mekenkamp, director of business solutions, Cendyn

Ellis Connolly, chief revenue officer, Laasie

Casper Overbeek, chief digital and experience officer, citizenM

Monday 16 May 14:00 BST

4. The hotel room of the future

[sponsored by Bizzon and elina]

Changes in travel behaviour has prompted a re-evaluation of product offering. How travellers use hotels and what they now seek and expect from their hotel room is different from before. This webinar will explore how brands, designers and suppliers are meeting the needs of today’s guest.

You will learn:

• Space planning and optimisation – what will guests be willing to pay a premium for?

• How smart technologies are enhancing the user experience and driving greater efficiencies 

• Which amenities are in demand, and what might change by year end

• How sustainability is influencing operations, design and in-room products

Trailblazers joining the discussion will be:

Jordan Bem, founder and CEO, Moliving

Motti Essakow, co-founder, Nestwell 

Sidharth Bhatia, director, ReardonSmith

Francisco Levine, chief business officer, Bryte

Federico Toresi, global VP design – ultra luxe, luxury and premium brands, Accor


Monday 11 April 14:00 BST

3. The synergies between hotels and retail

[sponsored by Bizzon and elina]

Some hotel brands drive revenue through integrating retail into their value proposition. Fashion brands have even entered the hotel business to contextualise or extend their offering. This webinar will explore the synergies between the two industries, looking at concept development, customer experience, loyalty and more. 

You will learn:

• How to maximise revenue per square foot and other e-commerce capabilities 

• How 2021 has changed the way we shop and where the opportunities are for hotels to capitalise on this

• Connecting the off and online experience – driving loyalty through multisensory touch points

Trailblazers joining the discussion will be:

Suzanne Mahoney, co-founder and managing director, LiBi Loves

Christine Visneau, VP retail, art and curation, Makeready

Felicity Black-Roberts, VP acquisitions and development, EU and North Africa, Hyatt

Antony Doucet, brand and marketing director, Kerten Hospitality

Paul Tsalikis, founder and CEO, VANITY GROUP


Monday 14 March 14:00 GMT

2. Alternative payment solutions for smart hoteliers

[sponsored by Bizzon and elina]

Independent hotels and hotel groups are starting to embrace more payment solutions including cryptocurrencies. Others are introducing subscription services, and some are exploring a stay and pay later approach. This webinar will examine innovative product and payment solutions to attract and retain guests.

You will learn:

• New approaches to hospitality payment solutions

• Understanding how subscription models are evolving to enhance guest loyalty and improve cash flows

• How consumer payment instalment plans will be adopted in the travel and hospitality industries

• How crypto is being used within the hotel ecosystem and emerging business models 

• How best to assess which product offerings and payment solutions are the right fit for your business

Trailblazers joining the discussion will be:

Rohit Talwar, CEO, Fast Future

Annemarie Graham, head of hospitality payments strategy, Amadeus

Ludovica Rocchi, brand director, R Collection Hotels

Richard Valtr, founder, Mews

David Cabreza, chief commercial officer, XanderPay


Monday 14 February 14:00 GMT

1. Sustainable supply chains

[sponsored by Bizzon and elina]

There is increasing pressure for hotels to provide detailed information on sustainability efforts at a time when the industry is facing supply chain disruptions. This webinar will offer some useful tips and insights on how to develop a strategy for responsibly sourcing products. 

 You will learn:

• The tools and processes needed for procurement teams to assess suppliers, with guidance on how to make the right decisions

• The financial and social benefits of sustainably sourcing hotel supplies

• How to reduce the environmental impact of hotel buildings and how to track and measure future impact

• The changing roles and responsibilities of suppliers, hotels and guests in supporting sustainable practices  

Trailblazers joining the discussion will be:

Ulpa Chauhan, B2B director, Beyond Bamboo Global

Taryn Gillson, director, Mantis Impact

Raquel Noboa, founder and CEO, Fifty Shades Greener

Sue Williams, general manager, Whatley Manor

Paul MacSherry, international project manager, Kaldewei


1. F&B and the future of delivery 

[sponsored by Operto Guest Technologies and Bizzon]

Food and beverage sales have provided ancillary revenue whilst occupancies are low, with many operators pivoting to an online and/or delivery model to support business. This webinar will explore what the future holds for on and off-site hotel dining.

You will learn:

• The systems and processes developed to support delivery and takeaway services. How long will these be kept in place?

• How to retain relevance and a competitive edge on the F&B scene

• Demand for digital services vs the value of eating out. What are the projected forecasts for F&B departments

• Will on-property kitchens be fundamental in the next three years? 

Trailblazers joining the discussion will be:

  • Dominic Child, VP sales, Bizzon
  • Robert Thompson, CEO, Angevin & Co
  • Mark Greenaway, chef patron, Grazing by Mark Greenaway 
  • Ben Purton, executive chef, Thyme and Plaice


2. Reshaping the owner-operator relationship 

[sponsored by Cvent and Operto Guest Technologies]

The pandemic has forced many owners and operators to negotiate payments, grant concessions and restructure leases. As a result, new models are emerging. This webinar will explore what’s been most effective in reaching mutual agreements with a look to the future. 

You will learn:

• Understanding how landlords and tenants are now collaborating. What personal/professional qualities helped the situation?

• How are leases being restructured in response to changing requirements

• How can owners protect investment with flexible lease structures – what are the benefits and risks

• Advice for operators and owners as legal restrictions fall away

Trailblazers joining the discussion will be:

  • Gerard Nolan, managing director, Gerard Nolan & Partners
  • Felicity Jones, partner, Watson Farley and Williams
  • David Orr, CEO, Resident Hotels
  • Rustom Vickers, head of franchise development EMEA, Choice Hotels 


The comeback of events – are you ready? 

Boutique Hotel News in partnership with Cvent

In-person events are beginning to return, and with them a whole host of new considerations and demands. This webinar will explore the best practices for planning, organising and hosting events within hotels.

You will learn:

• Actual and forecasted MICE business and how to prepare for the return of events

• How to give planners and attendees more confidence to attend in-person events

• Strategies for attracting and capturing bookings – how can this process be improved?

• The procedures needed to ensure guest and staff safety pre, during and post-event

Trailblazers joining the discussion will be:

  • Matthew Walkling, business development executive, Cvent
  • Yvette Thirlwell, events and group sales manager, The Grand Hotel York
  • Elena Attanasio, event director, Independent Hotel Show
  • Richard Waddington, chair, Event Marketing Association


3. The loyalty dilemma: Flexible bookings vs subscription 

Hotels have long leveraged loyalty programs to attract and convert returning customers. As the travel marketplace became unpredictable, services were adapted and new booking models emerged. This webinar will explore post-pandemic traveller demands and how loyalty is being redefined.

[sponsored by Cvent and Operto Guest Technologies]

You will learn:

• Whether the introduction of flexible cancellation policies will remain in place long-term 

• What travellers are reassured by when booking a trip, and how this differs between leisure and business guests

• Has the value of loyalty points been diminished by the pandemic? What do travellers now value?

• The uptake in subscription products and packages, and how this is helping business to recover

  • Richard Valtr, founder, Mews
  • James Bland, director, BVA BDRC
  • Thomas Magnuson, CEO, Magnuson Hotels
  • Jeri Salazar, VP of loyalty, Preferred Hotels & Resorts
  • Ali Powell, CEO, Commercial Acceleration


4. Promoting careers within hospitality 

[sponsored by Cvent and Operto Guest Technologies]

The global hospitality talent pool has dramatically shrunk, resulting in operational challenges for hotels and other accommodation providers. This webinar will explore how leaders in the field are attracting, training and developing the upcoming generation of hospitality professionals.

You will learn:

• How to design a career path in hospitality and engage potential employees, especially in light of the current staff shortages

• What does the journey look like and what skills are required to progress up the ladder

• The challenges and hurdles faced by hospitality leaders, as well as key learnings from failures

• How the employer-employee relationship is being reshaped and what is expected from both sides

Trailblazers joining the discussion will be:

  • Sam Coulstock, head of professional development, Institute of Hospitality
  • Greg Früchtenicht, director of partnerships, Saira Hospitality
  • Mikail Goek, founder and CEO, Urban Hospitality Concepts
  • Frode Hvaring, managing partner, Newind
  • Kim A Page, founder, The Right Kind of Loud


Thursday 4 November 14:00 GMT
ESG in hotel investment and finance – is it now time to walk the walk? 
Boutique Hotel News in association with Hotel Solutions Partnership.
Hotels are on the road to recovery, and with this comes the opportunity for rethinking sustainable developments and investments. This webinar will explore how to plan for reform and meet the ESG demands of lenders, investors, and consumers.
You will learn:

• What are the requirements from ESG finance providers, and where are the potential growth opportunities for investing in hotels

• How might government regulations impact owning and/or developing hotel property

• Changes in consumer attitude towards ESG and how best to demonstrate genuine commitment to ESG principles

• What owner/operators can do now to respond to shifting regulations, demand and brand standards

Panel includes:

Katrina Craig, CEO, Hotel Solutions Partnership

Siobhan Cross, partner, Pinsent Masons

  • Robert Adamczyk, senior sustainability advisor, EBRD


Monday November 8th 14:00 GMT

5. The changing role of the GM 

When navigating a crisis, leadership skills and qualities are fully flexed. Hoteliers have responded to business disruptions with organisational changes and implemented creative ideas to keep afloat. This webinar will explore key learnings and how these will shape the general manager role moving forwards.

[sponsored by Cvent and Operto Guest Technologies]

You will learn:

• How leaders are responding to current challenges and helping their teams settle in a post-pandemic workplace

• The additional responsibilities gained and where the opportunities are for up-skilling. Has this affected team dynamic?

• Successful pivots and how this will shape on-property operations and the wider hospitality landscape

• Lessons learned and how these will inform future decisions

Trailblazers joining the discussion will be:

  • James Clarke, general manager, Hilton London Bankside
  • Robert Richardson, CEO, Institute of Hospitality
  • Mike Wood, general manager, Hempstead House Hotel & Spa 
  • Florence Alloing, general manager, Georgian House Hotel
  • Thomas Ferrante, hotel director, Grove of Narberth 


Monday November 29th 14:00 GMT

6. Digitally innovating the guest experience

[sponsored by Operto Guest Technologies and elina] 

According to McKinsey & Company, there’s been a seven-year increase, on average, in the rate at which companies develop digital products and services since the start of the pandemic. So what’s next for hotels? This webinar will explore the opportunities for advancing hospitality and travel tech whilst elevating the guest journey simultaneously. 

You will learn:

• How suppliers are developing their software to enhance the guest experience pre, during and post-stay

• Where the opportunities are for monetising the guest journey

• How to develop the decision criteria for choosing the right vendor for your property

• What’s next for hospitality technology?

Trailblazers joining the discussion will be:

Steve Davis, CEO, Operto Guest Technologies

Nipun Ladha, director of client success, DigiValet

Duncan Chappell, commercial director, elina

Markus Feller, head of innovation and transformation, SV Group


Boutique Hotel Trendsetters 2022

[sponsored by Cvent]

Monday December 6th 14:00 GMT

Join editor of Boutique Hotel News, Eloise Hanson, as she outlines her six key hospitality trends set to shape the hotel sector in 2022.

Eloise will be in conversation with:

  • Bram van der Hoek, CEO, Sircle Collection 
  • Lily Wecker, vice president, Zetland Capital
  • Rohit Talwar, CEO, Fast Future


Boutique Hotel Trailblazer 3.0 2021 series

1. Old habits, new routines: Health, safety and wellbeing protocols

You will learn:

  • • The resources available to enhance and improve operating procedures
  • • Cleanliness and comfort expectations – is certification necessary?
  • • Understanding consumer demands and the role of transparency in rebuilding confidence
  • • Duty of care in 2021

Trailblazers joining the discussion will be:

  • Deborah Heather, managing director, Quality in Tourism
  • Amanda Frasier, EVP standards and ratings, Forbes Travel Guide
  • Gordon Bruce, director, Room To Breathe
  • Paul Callingham, chairman, Starboard Hotels

2. Slicing and dicing your hotel inventory

You will learn:

  • • Performance insights
  • • The future hotel and guest experience – what is hybrid hospitality?
  • • How to attract and prepare for long/short-term guests
  • • Property management and guest relation considerations

Trailblazers joining the discussion will be:

  • David Bowd, founder and CEO, Salt Hotels
  • Kevin Osterhaus, COO, Ennismore
  • Wayne Androliakos, COO, Cycas Hospitality
  • Laura Sharpe, general manager, Ham Yard Hotel


3. Ready, set, go: Maximising bookings

You will learn:

  • • Changes in booking behaviour and ways to attract new guests
  • • Direct bookings versus OTA distribution
  • • How to increase visibility in a competitive market and Google’s increasing dominance
  • • The rise of metasearch

Trailblazers joining the discussion will be:

  • Suzie Thompson, VP commercial, Red Carnation Hotels
  • Samantha Williams, UK market owner, Profitroom
  • Ryan Haynes, director, Haynes MarComs
  • Daniel Simmons, CCO, HotelREZ


4. The future of smart hotels

You will learn:

  • • The tech available to update and advance existing hotel rooms
  • • How to deploy, integrate, and scale smart technologies
  • • Will proptech be integral to reoccupation strategies?
  • • The importance of technology from an investment perspective

Trailblazers joining the discussion will be:

  • Benjamin Habbel, CEO and managing partner, Limestone Capital
  • Rami Zeidan, founder and CEO, Life House
  • Olivia Byrne, director, Eccleston Square Hotel
  • Graham Pope, VP international sales, Cvent


5. Where have all the staff gone?

You will learn:

  • • The impact of Covid-19 and furlough on staffing levels
  • • The skillsets required for vacancies – are these more rigid or flexible as a result of competition?
  • • Recruitment advice: the challenges and the opportunities
  • • How HR departments are evolving

Trailblazers joining the discussion will be:

  • Andrew Coney, general manager, The Hari
  • Steve Lowy, founder and CEO, The Residence
  • Chip Rogers, president and CEO, American Hotel & Lodging Association
  • Katherine White, director of people, Wyboston Lakes Resort
  • Dean Madge, head of commercial, Red Hotels


6. Rejuvenating the spa industry

You will learn:

  • • New standards of safety and cleanliness, and how to implement
  • • Design and space planning
  • • The role of digitisation and expanding programs
  • • Current and future trends

Trailblazers joining the discussion will be:

  • Alberto Apostoli, founder and CEO, Studio Apostoli
  • Susan d’Arcy, hotels and wellness editor, The Times and Sunday Times
  • Kent Richards, corporate operations director, Six Senses Spa
  • Lesley Bacon, group health club and spa manager, Hand Picked Hotels


7. Freedom day… what next?

You will learn:

• Which covid measures are being kept in place to reassure guests as bookings improve

• How staffing levels are being affected by the “pingdemic” and its knock on effect

• Practical solutions to the training and recruitment of talent

• How summer bookings are being affected and future revenues projected

• What are hoteliers’ expectations for the rest of the year and beyond?

Trailblazers joining the discussion will be:

Adrian Ellis, general manager, The Lowry Hotel

Jonathan Raggett, managing director, Red Carnation Hotels

Peter Avis, general manager, Galvin at Windows

Giles Fuchs, owner, Burgh Island Hotel

Joanne Taylor-Stagg, general manager, The Athenaeum Hotel & Residences

Boutique Hotel Trailblazer 2.0 2021 series

Incremental revenue streams

With hotel rooms likely to take longer to recover from the crisis, what can hoteliers do to develop meaningful new sources of revenue to support business during traditionally quieter months.

Our contributors will delve into a range of key themes including subscription models, data analytics and experiences and discuss how to innovate in these challenging times:

You will learn:

  • • Solutions for maximising income – what’s the return on investment?
  • • Insights from successful roll outs
  • • How to attract and retain loyal customers
  • • Tips for the team: up-selling and cross-selling

Trailblazers joining the discussion will be:

  • Ali Powell, MD, Commercial Acceleration
  • James Harrabin, CEO, Travlet
  • Tim Gjonbalic, founder, Butler Hospitality
  • David Kallery, president, Inspirato

Hotel collections and conversion brands

As hoteliers plan to protect and sustain business, we explore the options of joining a collection, converting to a brand affiliation, and operating an independent property.

You will learn:

  • • How hotel collections are supporting their members during the crisis
  • • The commercial breakdown of belonging to a collection – how to measure ROI and is it really worth it?
  • • The process of converting to a soft brand
  • • Renovations cost and fee structures
  • • The outlook for the future

Trailblazers joining the discussion will be:

  • Philipp Weghmann, EVP Europe, Preferred Hotels & Resorts
  • Rebecca Masri, founder, Little Emperors
  • Richard Kessler, chairman and CEO, The Kessler Collection
  • Tina O’Hara, group director of sales, Cairn Hotel Group
  • John Green, founder and MD, JG Collection

Brand symbiosis and partnerships

How do you ensure a brand is the right prospective partner for your hotel and vice versa? Learn from leading voices about developing, implementing and rolling out hospitality concepts.

You will learn:

  • • Actionable steps for selecting the right partner
  • • What to look out for – the opportunities and the pitfalls
  • • Changing consumer habits
  • • How the hotel sector is converging with other industries
  • • Local and digital partnerships

Trailblazers joining the discussion will be:

  • Cara Federici, founder and CEO, The Madison Melle Agency
  • Vivien Ivanyi, director of brand management, Raffles Hotels & Resorts, Accor
  • Tony Kurz, CEO, Brandmark Collective
  • John Flannigan, CEO and founder, Wylder Hotels

Breaking bad: Progressive leadership

Hear from leadership and hotel visionaries about their individual and collective efforts to supercharge careers and position hospitality as a force for good. Discover tips on inspiring a shared vision; courage through adversity; challenging the process; enabling others to act and more.

You will learn:

• What it takes to keep teams engaged and motivated
• Training and recruitment – where are the opportunities?
• Understanding what’s driving change in hospitality, and what’s required to lead through it
• The growing importance of wellbeing

Trailblazers joining the discussion will be:

  • Sally Beck, general manager, Royal Lancaster London
  • Robert Richardson, general manager, Cave Hotel / Vice chairman, Institute of Hospitality
  • Chetan Bhanot, general manager, The Mandeville
  • Patrick Michaels, founder and CEO, R3present
  • Sean Worker, managing director and principal, T5 Strategies

Hotel investment and finance in the future different

Discover the current state of hotel funding and investment, what’s changed during the crisis with a look to the future.

You will learn:

• A hotelier’s funding options and lending criteria
• Discounted purchases and distressed assets – where are the investment opportunities?
• Recent transactions and the state of valuations
• Tips for effective operation and cost management

Trailblazers joining the discussion will be:

  • Ben Harper, group managing director, Watergate Bay Hotel, Another Place, Beach Retreats
  • Kim Bardoul, partner, The Highland Group
  • Tom Oakden, managing director, Hilltop Hospitality Advisors
  • Louise Gillon, head of hotel finance, Leumi UK 
  • Tim Helliwell, head of hotel finance, Barclays


The changing role of hospitality media PR

One year on from the pandemic and the hospitality landscape has adapted, diversified, and innovated. How audiences consume media has changed radically too. Earned media has perhaps never been harder to secure or more valuable, and getting your story shared with a quality audience has become a big task.

You will learn:

  • • How to adapt your marketing and PR strategy to a new media world and be best positioned for success
  • • Why 2021 is the year of attention – discover the latest techniques to maximise cut through and ROI
  • • The changing role of the journalist
  • • The future outlook

Trailblazers joining the discussion will be:

  • Piers Brown, CEO, International Hospitality Media
  • Glenn Haussman, NO Vacancy / Rouse Media
  • Debbie Hindle, chief executive, Four Travel, Four Communications
  • Sheena Bhattessa, founder, Citizen Femme

Boutique Hotel Trendsetters 2021

BHN news editor Eloise Hanson will be talking you through her six predicted 2021 travel trends that will shape the boutique, lifestyle and luxury hotel sector next year. Sponsored by AKA Serviced Residences.

The webinar will be a 45 minute interactive session, and she will be joined by four trendsetters that are leading the charge:

  • • David Abraham, CEO, Outpost
  • • Lauren Chatterton, GM, Oddfellows Chester
  • • Will Lucas, CEO, Mint House
  • • Elana Friedman, chief marketing officer, AKA

Boutique Hotel Trailblazer 2020 series:

1. The experiential hotelier 

Discover how forward-thinking hoteliers are differentiating the hotel and guest experience within and beyond four walls.

You will learn:

  • Creative and innovative solutions for revenue generating opportunities
  • Understanding the consumer – the appeal of experiential offerings versus the commoditisation of the product
  • Risk and return on investment
  • How to stay ahead of trends – what’s next?

Trailblazers joining the discussion are:

  • Luca Franco, CEO and founder, Luxury Frontiers
  • Chris Penn, cofounder, Performance Hotels (Birch and Steel Hotels)
  • Julia Pearson, partnerships and insights director, Ennismore
  • Kent Lindvall, founder and part owner, Treehotel and Arctic Bath

2. Human versus digital concierge

Discover how technology is changing the customer and operator experience.

You will learn:

  • The growing role of technology within hotels and other hospitality asset classes
  • How are property managers and operators balancing high tech and high touch
  • How can technology enable value, recognition and loyalty – can it earn trust?
  • Contingencies of compiling and utilising guest data – what information is stored, how is it used, and who’s controlling it

Trailblazers joining the discussion are:

  • Jannes Soerensen, general manager, The Beaumont
  • Rogier Braakman, managing director, Penta Hotels
  • Jeremy Atlan, cofounder and business development, Wishbox
  • Jen Wong, CEO, LaaSie.AI 
  • Julie Grieve, founder and CEO, Criton

3. Design reimagined, hotel space repurposed

Discover how space and design is being reimagined for flexible and alternative use.

You will learn:

  • The opportunities of flexible living space – how the lines are blurring between work, play and home life
  • How are customer needs evolving, and how can the physical environment cater to this
  • Return on investment
  • Opportunities presented by surplus office and retail stocks
  • The future outlook

Trailblazers joining the discussion are:

  • Ron Swidler, chief innovation officer, The Gettys Group
  • Jacques-Olivier Chauvin, president and CEO, Fauchon Hospitality 
  • Paul Barrasford, director, hotels agency at Colliers International
  • Samantha Trinder, owner, Bingham Riverhouse

4. In the spotlight: City versus country

Two pioneers from the boutique, luxury and lifestyle hotel sector take centre stage in this one off exclusive. A not-to-be missed conversation on the challenges and opportunities of running a city and country-based hotel.

Trailblazers joining the discussion are:

  • Christoph Hoffmann, CEO and partner, 25hours Hotel Company 
  • Danny Pecorelli, managing director, Exclusive Collection

5. Boutique hotel investment and finance

Discover the current state of hotel funding and investment, with a look to the future.

You will learn:

  • A hotelier’s funding options
  • What investors and lenders will be looking for as a new industry standard
  • Identifying opportunities for investment now and further down the line
  • Assessing valuation
  • Tips for cost management

Trailblazers who joined the discussion are:

  • Vedrana B. Riley, founder and CEO, Ciel Capital
  • Patrick Brennan, CEO, Fair Value Capital 
  • Doug Hercher, principal and managing director, RobertDouglas
  • Dan Williams, head of hotel and real estate finance, Clydesdale Bank
  • Tim Alpe, chief operating officer, Ovolo Group

6. Boutique hotels and a sustainable future

Discover the challenges and opportunities of shifting to a circular and more responsible business model.

You will learn:

  • What resources exist to support hospitality managers improve a businesses’ sustainability
  • Can sustainability help to support recovery plans? Can it help to build resilient organisations?
  • The plans and challenges ahead for the supply chain
  • Restructuring roles and responsibilities – will we see the emergence of the chief health officer?
  • The investment conundrum: cost versus reward


Trailblazers who joined the discussion are:

  • Madhu Rajesh, CEO, Sustainable Hospitality Alliance
  • Paul Gardiner, CEO, Mantis Collection
  • Bill Barnett, managing director, C9 Hotelworks
  • Xenia zu Hohenlohe, managing partner and founder, Considerate Group
  • Olivia Richli, general manager, Heckfield Place

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