Advertising feature: A move toward customer-centric revenue management

We know it well, since we use it to manage our relationship with our customers, in order to deliver the best service we can. We concede that it’s not the best in class in terms of user-friendliness, but it’s connected with plenty of existing softwares and it’s our stepping stone for scalability.

Wondering how this is related to revenue management? The idea, here, is that the connectivity between hoteliers’ CRM and their RMS will be a new step towards customer-centric revenue management.

Indeed, when your RMS will be able to use both your PMS and your CRM data to feed its algorithm, it will be able to display, for example, a special offer for a given guest profile, at a given price, for a given product, for some given dates. All you’d need to do would be to validate the suggestion of your RMS and the offer would be pushed directly to your customer through e-mails, or within your hotel’s app.

This offer would be opaque and personalised for your customer, whether it’s giving him a discount to thank him for his nice lifetime value or offering him a package with a Uber-ride to secure his visit to his favourite tradeshow. Thanks to the opacity of the offer, you wouldn’t have to worry about the rate parity at all.

This would also apply to group business: speaking with a customer, your sales person would enter a number of nights and a number of rooms on the customer’s profile on his Salesforce account, then ask for a quote. This request could be pushed directly to your RMS, that would answer back in Salesforce with the right quote to offer to this customer, also allowing you to keep track of all negotiations.

I truly believe that you know your customers better than the distributors do, and that this connectivity between CRM and RMS would give you the opportunity to show it to them through tailor-made offers. I also think that, this way, you’ll be able to generate more direct bookings… and more direct bookings means more direct money.

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