Quick Q&A: Christine Jones, brand development director, Best Western

• What was the inspiration for the Vib concept, and who is the target guest?

Vib is a stylish and technology-centric hotel concept created to meet the needs of today’s connected traveller. We wanted to appeal to the next generation of travellers, Vib allows us to reach a new customer base and developer audience. We looked at what was important to them and we believe we have devised a concept which is relatively unique both in experience and design. The focus of Vib is social engagement, technology integration a vibrant lobby and stylish design.

• When and where will we see the first properties opening?

We have had lots of interest in North America and since our press release only last week, we have had additional interest in Europe. We are moving very fast. It is very exciting.

• Is Vib purely a new-build product or can existing properties be retrofitted to meet brand standards?

Primarily new-build, but yes it could be retrofitted for existing properties and we think we will see this certainly here in GB. It would also work well for properties within existing brands who have the desire to become a Vib.

• What are your targets in terms of numbers for rolling the concept out over the next three years?

At the moment as we only announced last week, we would prefer to not to mention  numbers yet.

• Who do you see as the closest competitor brands/operators for Vib?

We do feel Vib is a relatively unique concept both in design and experience as mentioned but closest competitors would be Moxy and Citizen M.

To read about the launch of Vib, click here.

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