Amberlair launches hotel crowdfunding campaign

UK: Amberlair bids to crowdsource ideas and funds for a new Puglia hotel

Amberlair has launched a reward based crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, where it is seeking funds to buy and develop an estate in Puglia, Italy, which will be transformed into a 60-room boutique hotel.

Backers can support the Amberlair Puglia project for amounts ranging from 15 euros to 4,900 euros. In return they will receive discounted stays at the hotel, as well as perks such as having a suite named after them.

The idea for Amberlair came about when co-founder team Kristin Lindenberg and Marcus Orbé toured the world on a two-year global adventure, visiting over 40 countries on six continents, carrying out research about boutique hotels.

Amberlair co-founder Lindenberg said: “During our trip, we continually found that we had the most special, unique and memorable experiences when we stayed in smaller, independent hotels.  When where to stay during our trip, we always tapped into the knowledge of like-minded travellers who, like us, hated those ‘cookie cutter’ chain hotels that seem to have popped up all over the world. Therefore when we decided to start up Amberlair, it was a natural first step for us to seek the input of people who love boutique hotels and we have since grown an amazing community who support us creatively and, now hopefully, financially too.”

Orbé added: “Last year, we asked our future guests and #boholovers where the first Amberlair hotel should be and they voted overwhelmingly for Italy. We listened and acted, taking a six-week trip through Italy that lead us to Puglia, where we found the perfect property with the perfect soul.  Now comes the fun part – creating the first Amberlair hotel!  Our community will have their say, from how the rooms should look, what we should do with the historic bird house in the grounds and what kind of food we should serve.”

Amberlair’s first property is in a rural location near Oria, a hill town in Southern Italy, rich with history and character.  It is set on a rural estate of farmhouses and buildings surrounding an historic villa that was built as a summer residence by a noble Italian family in 1902.

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